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Simulation Game “Marketing Madness”

Participants: Teams made of 3 people


  1. Students are divided in groups of three and they are all marketing executives.
  2. Students decide a product to invent (shoes, car, soft-drink, medicine, etc.) and they have to come up with a way to market it and then present their idea to the class.
  3. They have to design an advertisement for either a billboard, television commercial or magazine.
  4. Divide the presentation into three parts:

4.1.) Description of the product.

4.2.) Description of the advertising method they have used.

4.3.) Explanation as to WHY they chose certain things in their advertisement (i.e. a beautiful landscape that makes you think of the peaceful way that you feel when you drink this soothing drink).

This is a good way to make everybody speak making full use of every flowery adjective they can find and also a fun exercise in creativity/marketing strategies. This activity also leads to a discussion on the good, the bad, and the ugly of advertising techniques.

This is an easy but fun way to get students of any age up and speaking enthusiastically in front of the class.

Prepared by students from Turkey HOV ALEMDAG TUNC CAPA ANADOLU LISESI