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Objectives of the project

Objectives of the project

  • To work out the themes for the business basics related to the skills of the young people and their interests based on the entrepreneurial skill development, to prevent dropping out of school because of out-dated methodologies.
  • Work out innovative pedagogical approach creating students` self-assessment system adopted into the formal education process.

The aim is actual for the schools of European education system, teachers, and students.

It is clear that the requirements to education have changed emphasizing not the curriculum but the skills and abilities necessary in the 21st century but also making basis for development of personality which will enable students to find employment and integrate into social life.

It is a great challenge for school teachers to notice the different needs not neglecting those who need support to develop their abilities. One of the issues Europe faces today is young people quitting school even without elementary education. It has various reasons – economic, social, pedagogical and psychological. The reason, as both teachers and students explain, is lack of motivation, reluctance to learn and passively reflect the drawbacks of the education system to link the contents of the academic studies with real life. It is essential to improve access to education and at the same time strengthen the motivation to learn and not only during the obligatory school years, but enjoy the thirst for knowledge throughout their lives.

It is vital to improve motivation and make the study process more attractive, strengthening the link between school and real life.

The project activities will enhance students` entrepreneurial skills thus enabling them to see themselves in the European job market and providing them with more motivation to study.

The project will assist schools approach study models which better prepare students for work and life, accentuating the skills people need and use during their lifetime. That is the change from learning facts to acquiring life skills.

The other target group is teachers, school leadership. That will be a possibility to develop teachers’ skills and knowledge to make the best of digital education, develop skills and courage to make new digital study materials, tools. Co-operation of the teachers will promote dynamics of the education process and variety of ideas thus supporting the development of schools.