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Meeting report

From 19 to 25 March 2017, students and teachers (from Romania, Turkey, Spain, Latvia, and Croatia) participated in the activities of the third meeting of the project ERASMUS+ KA219 ”LEARNING PLATFORM: Young people entrepreneurial skill development possibilities “held in Slavonski Brod – Croatia.

The objectives of the activities were as follows:

  • Presentation of business plans designed by six students of each partner school.
  • Study of business opportunities and market research.
  • Establishing future activities (workshops, conferences, courses, tests, power point presentations, evaluation, and dissemination) and their loading on Moodle platform.
  • Establishing next transnational meetings (Romania).
  • Developing the skills of teamwork and socialization.
  • Developing communication skills in English.
  • Learning about the Serbian-Croatian traditions and culture.

 The First day

Project activities began with presenting some cultural aspects of the region Slavonski Brod – Croatia by dances and traditional music.

After the opening show, students and teachers visited the school, were impressed by the equipment and work labs and offices, specifically in the agro-industrial field of work (veterinary labs, plant cultivation by micro propagation, chemistry, nutrition, forestry, horticulture, floriculture, greenhouses and plantation of herb labs, vegetables and lavender)

Equipping laboratories, landscaped gardens and plantations have been carried out mostly by European Projects, supporting students and teachers to develop entrepreneurial activities.

The Second day

Our first destination was Broski Varos, where we learned the love story of a couple of storks Klepetan and Malena, a representative story of the local community as a tourist attraction.

The second location we visited was ATLANTIC GROUP Company that produces nutritional supplements for athletes. We had no permission to take pictures inside the department of production.

Day 2 ended with a visit to Stara Kapela (Village Museum) where we had the opportunity to taste traditional dishes, to become familiar with aspects of the culture and traditions in the region (traditional folk music, old houses, occupations).

The Third day

This day was devoted to learning activities, socialization, and teamwork. Finished products were made (handmade jewellery, decorations, practical laboratory work, gardening) presentations and posters.

The second part of the day was provided with a visit to the GEO PLAN Company, a surveying company, cadastre and geodesy, where students had the opportunity of learning how to use diverse surveying equipment.

The visit at the TDA Company, one of the largest printing press in Slavonski Brod, gave us the opportunity of seeing the types of printers used in publicity.

The Fourth day

The teachers’s meeting had as main objectives the following:

  • Study of business opportunity and market research for each country.
  • Courses and evaluations.
  • Establishing future activities (workshops, conferences, courses, tests, power point presentations, evaluation, and dissemination) and the loading platform of the Moodle project.
  • Establishing next transnational meetings (Romania).
  • Feedback of the previous activities.
  • Working on the Moodle platform
  • Promoting European cultural values.

The Fifth day

The project meeting ended with a visit of the capital Zagreb as an opportunity to promote local culture and civilization.


Activities in the third meeting within the following project: ERASMUS+ KA219
”LEARNING PLATFORM: Young people entrepreneurial skill development possibilities” have fully attained the objectives, this provides a very positive feedback on the project’s mission.

Simeanu Iuliana, teacher member

Tenea Codruta, coordinating teacher