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Christmas market in Mazsalaca

On December 18 Mazsalaca Culture centre housed handicraft and Student Study company Christmas market; both local craftsmen and Student study companies including Valka Jānis Cimze Gymnasium student companies “Relax” (Mārtiņš and Elvis-grade 11) and “lollipop kitten” (sisters Rēzija and Letīcija) took part in it. The young entrepreneurs had come from Riga, Rūjiena, Valmiera, even from our neighbouring country Estonia. There was a wide range of wooden goods- rings, earrings, toys, games, there was soap, wax candles, mobile cases, a drone for filming, bath things, the Estonians offered also IT products.

A short sonorous concert started the market, there was  a jury whose members visited all the stalls and asked questions. At the closing the best traders got awards, Valmiera University encouragement prize went to our company “Relax”.

Information prepared by G.Gaidlazda

Christmas market at school

Traditionally Valka Jānis Cimze Gymnasium held their Christmas market shortly before the holidays began.The market comprised 16 stalls where people could buy delicious gingerbread, cupcakes, waffles, mini treats, the traders offered also candles, bijouterie, a folder for mobile phone cases, soap, bath bubbles. Student Study companies presented prototypes of their products, with the intention to start production. Grade 8a students Mārtiņš and Klaids had arranged an exciting auction, it really drew attention and the prizes were interesting and tasty. Student parliament put forward 0.10 EUR lottery to win a gift card (3 EUR) in the school cafe –courtesy of Ruta Hommik. One could also learn predictions for the coming year.

I would like to express my gratitude to all the participants.

Information prepared by G.Gaidlazda

Practical tasks in Valka Jānis Cimze Gymnasium

Valka Jānis Cimze Gymnasium grade 11 students carried out practical tasks on the theme. They did marketing research, visiting and assessing various shops in Valka/Valga towns. Students were divided in groups, each group had its task to study a certain type of a shop- supermarkets, corner shops, clothes shops, household goods, stationery and flower shops, as well as public catering companies. The reports were presented in economics lessons.

Chancellery Shop FREKO

Flower Shops in Valka

While preparing for school Christmas market, grade 11 had another practical task- create an advertisement poster according to certain criteria, one of which was to include theme `Forest` since the school Eco council has set it as the theme of the year.

Parents` meeting

Valka, Latvia, November 2, 2016

There was a meeting for parents whose children took part in the project meeting in Spain, Donostia.

The students had prepared a presentation about the activities in Spain and their experience.

Also the parents voiced their feelings about their children`s possibilities.They believe that their children got a unique chance to use the English language to communicate with other students, to make new friends, to see what possibilities Europe offers the young people. The students improved their teamwork skills, acquired travelling experience as this was their first flight, grew more mature.

Project coordinator  Dace Langenfelde

We were in Spain because of a Erasmus project about entrepreneurship. It was a great opportunity to visit a country where it’s still warm and sunny, even though in our country it’s already snowing. Because we were there, we had an amazing chance to see all of the beautiful landscapes in the northern part of Spain. We don’t have actual mountains where we live, but this project allowed us to see them and they were incredible. Of course, you get to meet new people and get new friends, because of this project some of us now have contacts in other European countries. This project allows us not only to get a new experience in entrepreneurship, but also meet different cultures by meeting people from all around the EU. I implore you to take part in projects like these, it was a great.

Elvis Selevskis

During our autumn break we went on a trip to Spain. It was an eye opening experience – we saw a completely different nature than what we are used to and met many new people. It was a great opportunity for everyone involved – we were forced to act outside our comfort zone and unlock new possibilities by working with people from Croatia, Turkey, Romania and Spain. I personally had read a little bit about what Spain is like and I was able to compare it and I can say that it definitely is way better than what I had hoped for!

Davis Bergholds

Game „Oh, this life!”

On May 10, students from grade 10-Elīna, Monta, Martin, Elvis and Agnis introduced their game „Oh, this life!” about personal finances to grade 8.
The game claimed not only knowledge about personal finances, but also critical thinking, physical strength, language skills and knowledge in geography.
The class was divided into teams of 2-4 people. The game was a simulation of real life, each team`s name was a family surname, each team had its specific situation and finances. During the game we had to calculate, pay bills, plan family budget, experience dinner out, answer questions, etc.
The teams scored points, and the winners were the Simpson`s family (Alice, Rezija, Ainis and Elizabeth), followed by the Flintstones, the Smiths, the Andersons, the Buttlers and the Johnsons.
At the start we felt confused, but then the game grew exciting, and at the end we praised the organisers, a lot of 8th graders were interested in having another game.
We liked the attractive leaders of the game, they encouraged us and assisted in case of need.

Elizabeth, grade 8.
Valka Gymnasium, Latvia

Latvia – Valka Gymnasium

Valka Gymnasium was founded in 1920. Valka Gymnasium is a general secondary school which offers 6 different educational programmes.

There are 224 students (7 – 12 classes), 24 teachers in our school; we have gymnasium council. The school offers 4 study programmes providing qualitative education and possibilities for out – of – class activities.

The school has up-to date well equipped classrooms for science subjects with information Technologies, which were provided with the finances from ERAF Project „Quality teaching claims quality material resources”.

The school has a choir, folk dance group, theatre group, a band, robotics, programming, young entrepreneurs, German, many frequent the school gym where they play floorball, volleyball, badminton, there are contests among the classes.

Our school is proud of its traditions – Knowledge Day, Teachers’ day, Independence Day, annual award “chestnut”, Christmas party, Reception by the school principal, silver button prize for the academic excellence, grade 12 party, contest “Know “how”, playback show, Sports Days. Lately Class Night at school has become popular.

Bonuses at school:

  • Monthly scholarship to 15 students who excel in studies, are socially active;
  • Rotary Club scholarship 4 times a year.

Our students with good results represent themselves at several Olympiads on the country level, e. g., in politics, biology, ITC, economy.

The pupils study Latvian, English, Russian; English being the most popular foreign language. Our students take part in language contests like, public speech, Olympiads, US embassy contests.

Both students and teachers are socially active, they organize various activities, participate in the town events, the teachers attend seminars and courses (ITC, Comenius, Grudtwig, Pestalozzi, etc).

Valka Gymnasium website http://www.valkasgimnazija.lv