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Simulation Game “Marketing Madness”

Participants: Teams made of 3 people


  1. Students are divided in groups of three and they are all marketing executives.
  2. Students decide a product to invent (shoes, car, soft-drink, medicine, etc.) and they have to come up with a way to market it and then present their idea to the class.
  3. They have to design an advertisement for either a billboard, television commercial or magazine.
  4. Divide the presentation into three parts:

4.1.) Description of the product.

4.2.) Description of the advertising method they have used.

4.3.) Explanation as to WHY they chose certain things in their advertisement (i.e. a beautiful landscape that makes you think of the peaceful way that you feel when you drink this soothing drink).

This is a good way to make everybody speak making full use of every flowery adjective they can find and also a fun exercise in creativity/marketing strategies. This activity also leads to a discussion on the good, the bad, and the ugly of advertising techniques.

This is an easy but fun way to get students of any age up and speaking enthusiastically in front of the class.

Prepared by students from Turkey HOV ALEMDAG TUNC CAPA ANADOLU LISESI

Simulation Game “Build a Building”

Participants: Teams made of 2-4 people

Time needed: An hour and a half or more


Divide the students into groups. Each group is a company. There are five types of companies: Construction, Real Estate, Labor, Materials, and Equipment. For large classes construction companies have 4 students to a group. All other companies have two to a group. Take a few minutes before class to do the math and ensure that there will be enough of each group type to supply each resource that the construction company needs. Alternately you can limit the amount of one or more resource to increase competition which could lead to a follow up discussion of supply and demand.

Teachers explain how to calculate profit/loss as many students may not realize that they have to figure in monthly expenses to their selling prices.

The companies:

Construction Company:

You have €1,000,000. You must build a building in 4 weeks starting tomorrow.

To build a building you need: 1 parcel of land 10,000 pounds of raw materials 10 construction vehicles for 2 weeks 1000 man-hours of labor.

Real Estate Company:

Try to earn a profit by selling land to the construction companies. Each parcel of land costs you €100,000. Sell for a higher price. You have monthly expenses of €100,000.

Calculate your profit like this: total sales- cost of land- monthly expenses= profit

Equipment Company:

Earn money by renting construction vehicles to the construction companies. You have 20 vehicles. A vehicle can only be rented by one company at a time.

For example: for the first 2 weeks you rent 10 vehicles to company X and 10 vehicles to company Y. You have no vehicles left to rent to company Z during this time, but you can rent to them for the second two weeks.

You have monthly expenses of €355,000.

Calculate your profit like this: total money from rentals – monthly expenses= profit

 Materials Company:

Earn money by selling raw materials to the construction companies. Each penny of raw materials costs you €10. Sell for a higher price.

You have monthly expenses of €40,000

Calculate your profit like this: total sales- cost of raw materials- monthly expenses= profit

Labor Company:

Earn a profit by contracting out laborers to the construction companies. You have 20 laborers in your company. Each laborer can only work 8 hours per day. Each laborer must be paid a wage of €20 per hour of work. Charge the construction companies a higher rate. You have monthly expenses of €25,000.

Calculate your profit like this: Total money received- workers’ wages- monthly expenses= profit

Prepared by students from Turkey HOV ALEMDAG TUNC CAPA ANADOLU LISESI


Turkish team students impressions of the visit in Croatia


Within the Erasmus+ project, I was qualified forgoing to Croatia. This was my first trip abroad. It was a very nice experience for me.  First we went to the city Slavonski Brod.  It was small but a beautiful city.  The family who  I stayed at their home for 5 days was very good. They always treated me kindly.  During this week we learned Croatian culture. We strolled in important places. We did educational activities at school. Besides, we had a lot of fun wit hour foreign friends. We made a lot of friends.We learned things from different cultures. I liked all the dishes I ate. Especially the pizzas were very delicious. Then we went to the capital Zagreb. Zagreb is bigger and more crowded than Slavonski Brod. It was nice too but I liked Slavonski Brod more. Because it was less crowded and the surroundings were more beautiful.

This was the best week of my life. Everything was so beautiful. People were very good and kind. It was very hard to say goodbye to my friends.It was a week I had nice memories.I am very happy to be involved in this program. Endless thanks to my teachers who have chosen me and helped me to live these beautiful.

Ömrüm Şimşek


I wasn’t excited until the airport. Journey started and I was wondering how I can  talk to them and who I will stay with. We met with our hosts at the hotel and then we separated to home. Next morning we spent our time according to plan. In our free time we met in “Korzo”

Everyday, we were going to different places and learning different cultures. Five different countries and their people were like family. We went an old village to company of chocolate. This was different and the funniest journey of my life. We learned their education systems and their cultures. My host, Karla Vitali, was like my sister. They prepared some food and present for me.

We had enjoyable days. Before two days to our last day, we spent our time in “Zagreb”. When we left, we cried so much because we felt so much close in such a short time. But we still communicate. We created a group on social media and we are chatting there. I wish that I will meet with that guys again.



First of all, speaking of Croatia in general, it was very nice and peaceful country. I can say especially that the first Slavonski Brod town we went to was even more beautiful than Zagreb. It was a smaller city than Zagreb, but the effect we had on it was greater. Of course, Zagreb should not be left empty because there were some nice buildings with Baroque period architecture. I liked the cathedral too. We did a lot of things in Slavonski Brod if we were to briefly describe the last five days. We met and students from 4 different countries. We had an excellent time. People were very good too. The pizzas we ate outside were great. My roommate and her mother were very nice people. It was one of the most beautiful weeks I have spent, because of the very first foreign experience. I would like to thank my teachers for involving me in this project.

CemreBarış TUNÇEL


The most popular school in Çekmeköy with its great activities and  successes in different fields…

Hov Alemdag Tunc Capa Anadolu LisesiH.O.V. Alemdag Tunc Capa Anadolu Lisesi is located in Alemdag, which is a district town of Cekmekoy on the Anatolian side of Istanbul. Established  in 2008,its name was given by the donator M.Tunç Çapa.Now It is a high school with 586 students,40 teachers and 24 classes.

As a state school, admissions to our school  are through the Secondary Education Institutions Entrance Exams. The school offers a tuition-free, high level education and  follows the Turkish curricula. Mathematics, geometry, chemistry, physics, biology, German,English,history, geography,religion, philosophy, literature, physical education and music are taught  at our school.The academic program enables students to pursue academic excellence and acquire fluency and literacy in English.

In the eleventh grade the students choose between two majors: Mathematics and Sciences (FEN), or Turkish and Mathematics (TM). Students who aim to pursue careers in engineering, sciences or medicine, major in FEN, concentrating on science and mathematics courses. TM major is dominated by courses in social sciences and mathematics and is for students who want to study humanities, business, economics or social sciences.

The students are also offered club activities and during these club hours the students have the opportunity to discover their own individual interests and abilities like music,sport,chess and mountaineering &excursion.

Our school has announced its name with the championships in Istanbul and in Çekmeköy, international projects, social aid projects and success in university exams.

Supervisor teachers: Fatma Karagozlu, Emine Uludağ

Presentation of TURKEY

Hov Alemdag Tunc Capa Anadolu Lisesi