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Visited companies in Valcea


A webinar for new businessmen and taking part in TITAN

On the 13th November members of the “Young businessmen” club from 10th to 12th grades were watching a webinar about “Presentation of the company and its goods and selling of them.” Lecturer Inga Jēkabsone also shared with her experience in the field.

The students who attended the webinar gained knowledge about :

  • How to successfully sell the goods you’re producing?
  • What skills you need in order to achieve success in selling your goods?
  • What are the ways to sell produce?
  • What to do in order to find out who is your customer group?

On the 4th December 2 teams from the club of “Young businessmen/Jaunie uzņēmēji” participated in an online game about business called TITAN. The game was played in a city called Limbaži. Our school was represented by the “Merry way” team which consisted of 10th grade students (J. Jančevskis, Markuss Beļakovs, H. Pružinskis, Marks Kristiāns Bomis). It was their first experience in trading their own production, investing in marketing, research and design and planning the virtual expenses and profits of a company. The second team “Halo Ent.” (Agnis Adienis, Dita Ikšele, Valērija Tabarova) with an already experienced member, Agnis Adienis, who has attended this event in previous years and they were just shy of the third place in the contest.


“Ready for life” a Teaching Lesson

On First of December, a representative of Swedbank visited students of Grade 11 to give a practical lesson in economy “Ready for life”.

At the lesson of economics students learned about the types of loans, the conditions to receive a loan and they also felt how it is to be members of the lending committee. Students had to evaluate actual loan applications and make a decision to grant or refuse a loan, justify their decision.

In English lesson the subject was future job market, during the lesson students strengthened their English language skills, knowledge about skills and labor market, gained an insight on skills that will be needed in the future job market.

Students’ Informal Study about Personal Finance on younger students in the Turkey

Transnational Meeting Râmnicu Vâlcea, Romania Colegiul Energetic November 21-25 2017

Local Activities in Romania

SURVEY – The importance of the Learning platform

Report of the transnational meeting in Râmnicu Vâlcea

The second transnational meeting of the project took place in Râmnicu Vâlcea, Romania between the 21st of November and the 25th of November, 2017 at COLEGIUL ENERGETIC.

The participants of the meeting were 3 teachers from Turkey, 2 teachers from Latvia, 2 teachers from Spain, 2 teachers from Croatia, and over 10 teachers from Romania.


The main goals of the meeting were:

  1. Work on E-learning platform;
  2. Discussions on the project progress;
  3. Work on ETwinning;
  4. Discussions about future mobilities and financial aspects;
  5. Discussions about Mobility Tool and final report;
  6. Results of the survey completed by students – The importance of the Learning platform;
  7. Certificates for students working on the platform – models and database of the exams results;
  8. Visit to the Chamber of Commerce – presentation about entrepreneurs from Valcea County;
  9. Group work – the achievements and problems of students business plans;
  10. Business ideas – Workshop;
  11. Visit to known entrepreneurs/ companies from Valcea county – Sano Vita, Vilmar, Gammastil;
  12. Reflection and evaluation of the meeting.

The 21st of November

The project partners from Latvia, Turkey, Spain and Croatia arrived in Râmnicu Vâlcea and they were welcomed by the Romanian team. The teachers participated to an informal dinner, where they had the chance to make new friends.

The 22nd of November

The participants of the project were welcomed by the Headmaster of Colegiul Energetic, teachers, students and local representatives. In the introduction, the hosts welcomed the guests and informed the participants on the meeting programme. Young entrepreneurs from Colegiul Energetic presented their business or future business.

The groups of teachers from each country shared presentations about local activities from the beginning of the project in 2015 until now. All teams impressed the audience.

The work session included:

  • Organization of the project – goals of the project
  • It was presented the report of the survey ”The Importance of the Learning Platform”
  • Certificates for students working on the platform

Before lunch, the teachers were invited to visit The Chamber of Commerce. Here, they found out information about the entrepreneurship in Valcea County.

The work session continued at Vâlcea County Library with group work (discussions about the web page of the project, ETwinning, Mobility tool, final report) and with an interesting workshop ”Handmade by Ozana” – a good idea for business.

In the evening, the students and teachers attended a wonderful concert at ”Victor Giuleanu” Art High School, in partnership with Colegiul Energetic. The participants appreciated the students’ performance and enjoyed the activity.

The day ended with a relaxing dinner, where the participants got the chance to improve their English skills and to find out more about the educational systems and cultural aspects from all the countries.


The 23th of November, 2017

The day started with a work session at Valcea County Library.

The participants discussed about:

  • The achievements and problems of students business plans, discussions about job market;
  • Mobilities – confirmation of the destinations and periods;
  • Financial aspects;
  • Planning next meeting;
  • Debates;
  • Reflection of the meeting.


Then the participants visited some representative companies from Valcea county:

Sano Vita

–SanoVita is a manufacturer and processor certified by the relevant authorities for the following activities:

– Manufacture of grain products (extruded, expanded, pasta), fruit and vegetable juices and soybean (tofu)

– Storage, packing and trading of food products: cereals (pressed, extruded, expanded, germ, bran, flour, gluten, starch, pasta), oil seeds, dried and expanded grain, sugar, dried and candied fruits, salt.

The company is counting more than 20 years of experience in the field of food education, education through the offer of high quality products, made with the latest technology, protecting at the same time the environment.


Covering 25 hectares of which 10 are workshops hosting the latest technology equipment, employing a staff of nearly 400, being directly connected to the major transportation routes, the company is located in the southern industrial zone of Ramnicu Valcea city.

Vilmar manufactures and sells a diversified range of technological equipment and components parts used in several industries: petroleum and natural gas, chemical, petrochemical, energy, mining, nuclear, water, subsea, etc.

Gammastil – Natural remedies

There is a 5 store chain selling a wide range of medicinal and aromatic herbs, food supplements and cosmetics in the form of teas, tinctures, extracts, capsules containing solid or liquid, regular or coated tablets, syrups, solutions for internal use or external, ova, suppositories, creams, gels, perfumes, etc.

At the request of consumers, they also sell gluten-free products, various kinds of cereals and dried fruits, intimate hygiene products, diapers for babies and old ladies, etc.

In the evening participants visited Râmnicu Vâlcea.

The 24th of November, 2017

The last day, participants concluded on their work and discussed about tourism entrepreneurship, visiting Bran Castle, a landmark of Romania.

After getting back to Râmnicu Vâlcea, all participants had to fill in an evaluation form, regarding the activities performed during this reunion.

In conclusion, the meeting met its goals; the activities were held in a relaxing atmosphere, where everybody enjoyed the time spent together, learning and sharing precious information.


Tenea Codruta, coordinating teacher

Local labor market research

Valka Janis Cimze Gymnasium grade 12 students explored the local labour market and labour resources as a result:

1) students found out what a good employee means (presented in infographics),

2) students interviewed Valka entrepreneurs to discover what employers think about necessary skills and education a good employee must possess; they also learned what kind of employees are needed,

3) students explored statistics on unemployment and employment in Valka municipality,

4) students interviewed Mr. Krauklis (the mayor of Valka municipality) and drew conclusions on the developed fields of economics and companies as will as learned about the planned development of entrepreneurship in the municipality.

10 qualities of an ideal employee


Turkey’s Workshop

For our project,we organized the Moodle workshop on 21st. June since it was the best time for the teachers in our region.There were 29 teachers from the schools in Çekmeköy.
First we gave a general information about our project and then introduced the Moodle website.They registered the Moodle page and had the experience to examine the subjects and tasks.They could practice the Moodle platform. At the end they completed a Moodle evaluation form sharing their suggestions about the Moodle.