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Students Learning Company in Croatia – Srednaja Skola Matije Antuna Reljkovica

Research about entrepreneurial environment in Croatia

Company name Business sphere Number of employees Foundation year of the company
TDA BROD d.o.o. Printing industry 18 1989
VIATOR&VEKTOR PROJEKTI d.o.o. Customs procedures and logistics 45 2008
Sara Hairdresser 2 2009
Agape Beauty salon 3 2015
Frizerski salon Vesna Beauty salon 10 2012
Izgradnja Knezović Building construction 36 1996
Omega izgradnja Building construction 5 2008
OPG “Luka Kurkutović” Agriculture 3 2010
OPG “Lačić” Family farm 2 2010
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Local Job Market Research

Seniors Teaching Freshmen (workshop)

Matija Antun Reljkovic High School, Croatia

Matija Antun Reljkovic High School was founded in 1959. The whole story started with only 72 students enrolled, and today there are almost a thousand students (aged 14 – 18) and around a hundred teachers. The students attend the following educational programmes: agriculture, ecology, food technology, surveying, veterinary, forestry.  The school also organises adult education in bee keeping, fruit growing and vegetable farming.

Our school has a practical training area where students do practical training, botanical garden, orchard, vineyard, greenhouses, mechanical workshop, hectars of seed growing area, veterinary practise, forestry practise, micropropagation, school gym, outdoor court, horse club with lipizzaners and a race track, as well as a large area for livestock show. The school takes the active part in most of the fairs organised by the County (Flower fair, Intercounty livestock show).

The school is closely connected to the Regional Biotechnology Research and Development Centre, which supports small and medium-sized entrepreneurs, providing them with the new opportunities through using new technologies in agriculture. In the micropropagation laboratories and greenhouses, seedlings are produced out of the virus-free seedling material. The students are able to acquire both practical skills and theorethical knowledge.

We all try to live and work following the school’s moto: Non progredi, est regredi.

We are trying to enable all the students to develop their intelectual, personal and vocational potential; to provide them with an extensive knowledge in agriculture, forestry and veterinary medicine.

We have started to examine closely the characteristics and role of the entrepreneur to develop more enterprising individuals, both teachers and students, who are encouraged to develop their entrepreneurial capabilities, as well as analytical skills through the processes of problem-solving, learning from other people’s experiences and risk-taking.

Since it is important to encourage and stimulate entrepreneurial growth, cooperation with other educational institutions throughout Europe, as well as successful entrepreneurs, is extremely welcomed.

Young people should be thought to develop their creativity  and self-confidence in whatever they undertake and learn how to become responsible individuals.

In our school the students learn job specific skills and competences through having vocational training and practice. Entrepreneurship, as a key competence, is being developed through project work and learning through experience.