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Romanian team the Business plans

Romanian student created games

E-Business – Electronic Business is a stunning and interactive app for learning and checking your knowledge. It can be used in classes such as Economics, Financial Education, Entrepreneurship Education, for knowledge strengthening and as an evaluationt or self-assessment method.

The application can be installed on your computer (Windows) or on your phone (Android) and contains an user-friendly interface.

PsychType – is a personalyty game, good for career planning and a personality test.

Here it is the link where you and your students can download the app and game made by student Vlad.

Students Learning Company in Turkey

Students Learning Company in Latvia

Turkish Students Shared Their Greatest Value And Benefit In The Project


Vlad Alboiu, a student from 12 th form created a game/ career test. At the end students were informed about their future career.

Students involved in the project played this game and evaluated their future options.

For making the game, Vlad collaborated with the school psychologist, who gave him the questions of the test and its interpretation, working together.



The teachers improved their abilities in:

  • Working on the platform
  • Communicating in English
  • Other ICT skills.

They are motivated to work in Erasmus+ projects and knowing new cultures and people.

Working in projects allowed the growing on the personal and professional ways.

Local labor market research

Valka Janis Cimze Gymnasium grade 12 students explored the local labour market and labour resources as a result:

1) students found out what a good employee means (presented in infographics),

2) students interviewed Valka entrepreneurs to discover what employers think about necessary skills and education a good employee must possess; they also learned what kind of employees are needed,

3) students explored statistics on unemployment and employment in Valka municipality,

4) students interviewed Mr. Krauklis (the mayor of Valka municipality) and drew conclusions on the developed fields of economics and companies as will as learned about the planned development of entrepreneurship in the municipality.

10 qualities of an ideal employee


Turkey’s Workshop

For our project,we organized the Moodle workshop on 21st. June since it was the best time for the teachers in our region.There were 29 teachers from the schools in Çekmeköy.
First we gave a general information about our project and then introduced the Moodle website.They registered the Moodle page and had the experience to examine the subjects and tasks.They could practice the Moodle platform. At the end they completed a Moodle evaluation form sharing their suggestions about the Moodle.

Survey about entrepreneurship environment in Valka – results

During the project activities businessmen in five countries were questioned about the entrepreneurship environment. The questionnaire was worked out by the Turkish team, the partners discussed it, introduced some changes and during the video conference the final version was accepted.

In November, December (2016) 10 businessmen in Valka municipality participated in the poll: the total number of employees – 115, the companies exist from 0 – 25 years, they represent production and services.

TabulaThe questionnaire consists of8 part with statements evaluated in 5 point system.(5- always 4- often 3-sometimes 2- rarely 1- never) Each part has conclusions which are reflected in info-graphics made by grade 11 students.

Finansialais atbalsts_davis_engPart 1 – Financial support.infografiks_Martins_ENG_finansialaisAtbalsts


Woodworking and building companies which work for a longer period of time can be satisfied with the financial support. The entrepreneurs are satisfied witch funding available in public initiatives and sufficient debt funding.

Part 2 – Government policies.

Valdības politikaENG_Rudolfs B Valdības politikaENG_Deniss

Part 3 – Government programs.

Valdības programmas_ENG_Rudolfs C

Part 4 – Research and development transfer.

PetniecibaAttistiba Eng (Armands Plociņš) D

Part 5 – Commercial and professional infrastructure.

KomercialaProfesionalainfrastrukt_ENG_Kate E

Part 6 – Access to physical infrastructure.

1 F 2

3 4 5

Part 7 – Market openness.

TirgusAtvertiba_peteris_eng G TirgusAtvertiba eng JanisM

Part 8 – Cultural and social norms.

KulturasSocialasNormas_ENG_MontaS H liga_eng

Simulation Game “Marketing Madness”

Participants: Teams made of 3 people


  1. Students are divided in groups of three and they are all marketing executives.
  2. Students decide a product to invent (shoes, car, soft-drink, medicine, etc.) and they have to come up with a way to market it and then present their idea to the class.
  3. They have to design an advertisement for either a billboard, television commercial or magazine.
  4. Divide the presentation into three parts:

4.1.) Description of the product.

4.2.) Description of the advertising method they have used.

4.3.) Explanation as to WHY they chose certain things in their advertisement (i.e. a beautiful landscape that makes you think of the peaceful way that you feel when you drink this soothing drink).

This is a good way to make everybody speak making full use of every flowery adjective they can find and also a fun exercise in creativity/marketing strategies. This activity also leads to a discussion on the good, the bad, and the ugly of advertising techniques.

This is an easy but fun way to get students of any age up and speaking enthusiastically in front of the class.

Prepared by students from Turkey HOV ALEMDAG TUNC CAPA ANADOLU LISESI