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With learning platform are introduced teachers from Valcea country

We also introduced the platform to the project coordinators teachers from Valcea county in workshop 14.04.2017


Especially after each company visit, students were more motivated and determined about their future careers. The ambiance they met in companies inspired them to do that kind of job. Also, after playing simulation games some of students changed their mind about their future jobs. They thought that simulation or putting into practice is different from their dreams about future careers.

About the teachers, they are more motivated about the games and visits because they contribute to the students a lot, they change their ideas about future careers and inspire them in different ways. So teachers see that besides giving theoretical information, it is better to see the reality. For that reason more visits or simulation games should be organized.

Supervisor teacher: Fatma Karagozlu

Zubiri Manteo Workshop



Vlad Alboiu, a student from 12 th form created a game/ career test. At the end students were informed about their future career.

Students involved in the project played this game and evaluated their future options.

For making the game, Vlad collaborated with the school psychologist, who gave him the questions of the test and its interpretation, working together.



The teachers improved their abilities in:

  • Working on the platform
  • Communicating in English
  • Other ICT skills.

They are motivated to work in Erasmus+ projects and knowing new cultures and people.

Working in projects allowed the growing on the personal and professional ways.

WORKSHOP ”The Learning Platform about Entrepreneurship” – the 17th of November 2017

The workshop was on the 17th of November, during Computer Science teachers from Valcea County meeting, at Liceul Sanitar ”Antim Ivireanu” from Ramnicu Valcea.

The project team presented:

  • The aims of the project;
  • The website coordinated by Colegiul Energetic – with all the activities of the Erasmus+ project – local activities and common activities;
  • The website of the project;
  • The Learning platform – how to make an account, the content of the platform.

Teachers involved distributed brochures about the project and in the end the Computer Science teachers discussed and asked questions. They all agreed that the platform is very useful for teachers and students and they will share all the information in their schools. Economics and Entrepreneurship Education teachers will use the platform in their lessons in the future.

School- the first stepping-stone to success

On December 14 Valka Jānis Cimze Gymnasium arranged a conference for teachers „School- the first stepping-stone to success”. The teachers had a chance to listen to educational lectures and attend workshops on latest approaches in pedagogic, economics, they learned about the project activities, about the study platform on Moodle created during the project, how the platform can be used in the study process enabling students to study economics at their own pace, in accordance with their interests and abilities thus developing currently necessary entrepreneurial skills.

Educational platform on Moodle encourages students to study in the spirit of the 21st century using ICT tools, it conspicuously demonstrates how each partner country teaches entrepreneurial skills to their students.

The conference paid attention to the latest approaches and tendencies in education in Latvia and Europe. Inese Zlaugotne (leader of „Radošuma pils”, coach, economics and entrepreneurship teacher, career consultant) delivered a lecture on methods how to develop thinking and creativity.

Teachers participated in several workshops under the guidance of Inta Krieviņa and Guntra Gaidlazda (Valka Jānis Cimze Gymnasium), Aija Vanaga (entrepreneur, leader of international projects), Anda Sproģe (company Latvian forests school project coordinator), professor Lūcija Rutka (RISEBA university).

Also students had a chance to listen to the lectures by RISEBA lecturers Lūcija Rutka, Ieva Brence, Ieva Mačāne on career themes: way to success, what the employer expects from the employee, what career possibilities are offered during the study years. Renāte Ribaka discussed bioeconomics issues with students (representative of „Mammadaba”).

Besides the serious lectures and workshops, there was also a Christmas market held in the gym where the 19 student stalls offered delicious gingerbread, cupcakes, waffles, also candles, goat milk soap, silk scarves, body and face scrubs, lip balms, bijouterie, wooden things. Seven student study companies established this year got their first experience.

This year also sellers from the town took part in the market, for example, society „Kastanis”, basketball club. If one needed adrenaline, there was the climbing wall. There was music, ensemble and school choir, as well as the dance groups Vendīgs and Vainadziņš gave a performance.

The Advent time was time to listen, to contemplate, to analyze, to decide what can be changed, what can be improved.

The information was prepared by project coordinator Dace Langenfelde

and economics teacher Guntra Gaidlazda

Visited companies in Valcea


A webinar for new businessmen and taking part in TITAN

On the 13th November members of the “Young businessmen” club from 10th to 12th grades were watching a webinar about “Presentation of the company and its goods and selling of them.” Lecturer Inga Jēkabsone also shared with her experience in the field.

The students who attended the webinar gained knowledge about :

  • How to successfully sell the goods you’re producing?
  • What skills you need in order to achieve success in selling your goods?
  • What are the ways to sell produce?
  • What to do in order to find out who is your customer group?

On the 4th December 2 teams from the club of “Young businessmen/Jaunie uzņēmēji” participated in an online game about business called TITAN. The game was played in a city called Limbaži. Our school was represented by the “Merry way” team which consisted of 10th grade students (J. Jančevskis, Markuss Beļakovs, H. Pružinskis, Marks Kristiāns Bomis). It was their first experience in trading their own production, investing in marketing, research and design and planning the virtual expenses and profits of a company. The second team “Halo Ent.” (Agnis Adienis, Dita Ikšele, Valērija Tabarova) with an already experienced member, Agnis Adienis, who has attended this event in previous years and they were just shy of the third place in the contest.


“Ready for life” a Teaching Lesson

On First of December, a representative of Swedbank visited students of Grade 11 to give a practical lesson in economy “Ready for life”.

At the lesson of economics students learned about the types of loans, the conditions to receive a loan and they also felt how it is to be members of the lending committee. Students had to evaluate actual loan applications and make a decision to grant or refuse a loan, justify their decision.

In English lesson the subject was future job market, during the lesson students strengthened their English language skills, knowledge about skills and labor market, gained an insight on skills that will be needed in the future job market.

Students’ Informal Study about Personal Finance on younger students in the Turkey