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Innovative character of the project

What really enhances the young people is their ability to visualize their activity in real ecenomic environment. Learnin by doing that is what we mean by students` firms within the frames of the economics study subject, that is the way to creative active attitude in each student.

To promote the development of student companies we must provide them with theoretical knwledge and understanding the processes in Europe, how young people acquire business basics in other countries.

Considering the role of ICT in education Moodle platform will be used for co-operation of the countries which is one of the most popular study sites in the world. Studying is more successful if people co-operate and the process is creative.

During the project modern and up-to-date teaching materials will be created in ecenomics subject, they will demonstrate the different approaches to teaching economics and acquiring the basics of small businesses.

The project will assist schools approach study models which prepare students better for work and life, accentuating the skills people need and use during their lifetime.That is the change from  learning facts to  acquiring life skills.

New materials will be used as e-study materials, students will acquire distance study methods. Electronic material will help students acquire the most complicated material when when they feel ready ready for that in favourable circumstances, they will have a possibility to learn the theme in their native language and then in English.

To achieve the aims the following activities in Moodle will be used

  • Electronic teaching material will be prepared in the native language and in English
  • Preparation of theoretical material
  • Self-assessment tasks,tests with open and closed questions, essays, analytical tasks
  • Webinar about student firms, demonstration, eLectaLive
  • 5 simulation games will be worked out

The other targer group are teachers, school leadership. That will be a possibility to develop teachers` skills and knwledge to make the best of digital education, develop skills and courage to make new digital study materials, tools. Co-operation of the teachers will promote dynamics of the education process and variety of ideas thus supporting the development of schools.