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Game „Oh, this life!”

On May 10, students from grade 10-Elīna, Monta, Martin, Elvis and Agnis introduced their game „Oh, this life!” about personal finances to grade 8.
The game claimed not only knowledge about personal finances, but also critical thinking, physical strength, language skills and knowledge in geography.
The class was divided into teams of 2-4 people. The game was a simulation of real life, each team`s name was a family surname, each team had its specific situation and finances. During the game we had to calculate, pay bills, plan family budget, experience dinner out, answer questions, etc.
The teams scored points, and the winners were the Simpson`s family (Alice, Rezija, Ainis and Elizabeth), followed by the Flintstones, the Smiths, the Andersons, the Buttlers and the Johnsons.
At the start we felt confused, but then the game grew exciting, and at the end we praised the organisers, a lot of 8th graders were interested in having another game.
We liked the attractive leaders of the game, they encouraged us and assisted in case of need.

Elizabeth, grade 8.
Valka Gymnasium, Latvia