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A webinar for new businessmen and taking part in TITAN

On the 13th November members of the “Young businessmen” club from 10th to 12th grades were watching a webinar about “Presentation of the company and its goods and selling of them.” Lecturer Inga Jēkabsone also shared with her experience in the field.

The students who attended the webinar gained knowledge about :

  • How to successfully sell the goods you’re producing?
  • What skills you need in order to achieve success in selling your goods?
  • What are the ways to sell produce?
  • What to do in order to find out who is your customer group?

On the 4th December 2 teams from the club of “Young businessmen/Jaunie uzņēmēji” participated in an online game about business called TITAN. The game was played in a city called Limbaži. Our school was represented by the “Merry way” team which consisted of 10th grade students (J. Jančevskis, Markuss Beļakovs, H. Pružinskis, Marks Kristiāns Bomis). It was their first experience in trading their own production, investing in marketing, research and design and planning the virtual expenses and profits of a company. The second team “Halo Ent.” (Agnis Adienis, Dita Ikšele, Valērija Tabarova) with an already experienced member, Agnis Adienis, who has attended this event in previous years and they were just shy of the third place in the contest.