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Romanian team the Business plans

Research about entrepreneurial environment in Croatia

Company name Business sphere Number of employees Foundation year of the company
TDA BROD d.o.o. Printing industry 18 1989
VIATOR&VEKTOR PROJEKTI d.o.o. Customs procedures and logistics 45 2008
Sara Hairdresser 2 2009
Agape Beauty salon 3 2015
Frizerski salon Vesna Beauty salon 10 2012
Izgradnja Knezović Building construction 36 1996
Omega izgradnja Building construction 5 2008
OPG “Luka Kurkutović” Agriculture 3 2010
OPG “Lačić” Family farm 2 2010
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ZUBIRI MANTEO Gipuzkoa job market investigation and analysis of the results

A Research of Entrepreneurial Environment Evaluation of İstanbul

The current state of the business environment in Romania

Romanian student created games

E-Business – Electronic Business is a stunning and interactive app for learning and checking your knowledge. It can be used in classes such as Economics, Financial Education, Entrepreneurship Education, for knowledge strengthening and as an evaluationt or self-assessment method.

The application can be installed on your computer (Windows) or on your phone (Android) and contains an user-friendly interface.

PsychType – is a personalyty game, good for career planning and a personality test.

Here it is the link where you and your students can download the app and game made by student Vlad.

Students Learning Company in Turkey

Students Learning Company in Latvia

Turkish Students Shared Their Greatest Value And Benefit In The Project


ALTINAY is an engineering company that pioneered industrial robotics in Turkey since its early beginnings in 1990. During the presentation about the company, students and teachers learned about the technologies of  car production, glass processing, production systems and how the machines are used for production. He also mentioned welding and joining applications. For all these, he suggested  and emphasized the importance of learning different kinds of programme coding. He showed some 3D simulations of how machines and system work and also about more advanced technologies. The teachers and students were informed about  the worldwide companies that Altınay  work with. Then, all the group visited the department where they design the pieces and learnt information about how they do it.

Ülker, whose history goes back to 1944, is one of the best loved brand names in Turkey. Ülker manufactures a wide span of products such as biscuits, chocolate, candy, chewing gum, liquid oil, dairy products, carbonated beverages, ice cream, coffee and baby food. Students and teachers watched an introduction video. The presenter gave participants information about Ülker factories in Turkey  and the products (different kinds of biscuits,crackers,cakes), with daily production numbers. Then safety expert informed about  the rules and told us what we should do. After the presentation, all the group wore shoe, head and body covers, and walked along the production line  seeing how they mix powder ingredients, making it dough and shaping and adding chocolate, packaging…etc.  The company visit ended with distribution of a package including  Ülker’s biscuits, crackers and cakes.

Canovate Electronics is one of the top 10 global companies in terms of quality, technology and product portfolio in two main product categories “DATA CENTER”  and end-to-end “FIBER OPTIC” solutions founded 50 years ago in the spirit of innovation. After the presentation about the company, the participants were taken to the production part of the company.